Viritual Force: The Secret of Internal Chi Kung

By Robert • Jul 29th, 2008 • Category: Qigong

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TIME: Ability to expand TIME relaxes concentration. Looking TOO HARD at rapidly moving objects causes GAPS in perception. Place attention on object, but do not attempt to SEE it. Object comes in SLOW MOTION. Relax consciousness & be in the NOW moment with ease.

ENERGY: Let streams of energy flow off fingertips caressing the path & people in front of you. Become light, like being lifted by a thread attached to back of head. RELAX KNEES & feel spring in step. During activity let energy flow out the front of your body. Be creative energy & the “work of art” that your are in the Now moment.

EMPTINESS: Settle thoughts, & mind becomes like a clear lake. Feel emptiness & let intuition send you important messages. Let excess tension drain down the hollow tube of your body, from head to belly (hara). Feel energy in Hara & embrace and become that power. You are now immovable & unliftable, stable & balanced. Remain empty & be filled by the Universe, & your life will be fulfilled and filled with abundance. Let the Universal Primal Chi Energy or God fill you, instead of internal chatter, & you become tranquil, peaceful & complete where you are right now.

RELAX: Visualize breath flow up through the soles of your feet when inhaling & exhale through the tip of your head. Keep exhaling up through the sky & into space & the Universe.

FEAR: Approach feared object with love & Chi Energy extended radiation outward from your body, mind & spirit. Holding on to Fear draws a Universal Energy Net around you, which keep you entrapped. Let go of fear, relax, create a space of love around you, and the Invisible Net disappears, & good things happen.

THANKFULNESS: Feel the guidance of the Universe with thankfulness in your heart. Trust that all is well & the Universal Creative Force will take care of you in every situation. You are the Universe and the Universe is within you. Let go of confidence or confusion, & just be calm inside and out. Experience peace and tranquility in your entire being.

HUMOR: Humor extinguishes anger. Kindness overcomes anger. Anger, tension, gloom, and hate is the opposite of Kindness, Tranquility, Humor & Love.

ATTITUDE: Cultivate a non-clinging & receptive mind. Let go of preconceptions. Every activity offers teaching and learning. See reality, not what you want to see.

NON-ATTACMENT: What is the nature of Reality? It is Illusion. What does “Illusion” mean? Illusion means that everything changes. The only constant in life is change, therefore an illusion of the senses, however painful or pleasant. To get out of this illusion of changing events, simply, don’t resist change, but flow with it, and keep your balance at all times. Drop attachment from approval or rejection from others & be spontaneously creative in all you do, no matter how small

NON-INTERFERENCE: Don’t impose beliefs on others. Everyone grows and learns in their own way and time. Do not interfere in another’s growth, no matter how painful it is, or how much we think we can help. We are what we know. We do what we are—no less, no more. If a positive thought causes excitement, you will fall into depression, as excitement (Yang state), always turns into its polar opposite, depression (Yin state). Interference against another’s wishes almost always causes an imbalanced polar shift to extreme Yin and extreme Yang reaction, away from the Center of Balance or Harmony. People will resent you if you interfere in their thoughts, feelings and actions. Be silent if verbally attacked or harassed. Find your internal balance and be calm in all circumstances, and the situation will resolve itself, or a way will be discovered.

SPIRIT KNOWS NO LIMITATIONS: The Universe of Creative Light is miraculous in its power to transform the individual. We are all telepathically and spiritually connected. Let go of preconceived ideas.

INTUITION: Follow intuition & life will be an effortless adventure. The logical mind never has enough data to make clear decisions. Intuition has access to more information. Relax your mind to be intuitive. An over-active intellectual mind cuts off all intuition from higher spiritual forces, and keeps you locked in your own self-created struggles. If you consciously control what you are intuitively receiving, connection with the spirit world is broken, and you will not receive accurate answers. If you consciously try to rule life in any way, your spiritual intuition will remain silent. Intuition is a direct channel from your spirit, and the Universal Spirit, God or Tao. Limitations lie in the mind only.

POWER: If you benefit others, the Universal Energy or God gives you more power. Have no expectations in any situation, but be an empty channel. If you seek power, you will lose power. “He who controls himself, is greater than he who controls the world.” Lao Tzu

PRESENCE: How you live contributes to your personal presence, spiritual chi energy or aura. Aura is built by the Universal Spiritual Virtues of truth, peace, love and harmony. Aura is also built by Chi Cultivation, yoga, rest, sleep, food and calmness. The Teacher teaches without words to those who are ready to receive the teachings.

CHI, KI, PRANA OR SPIRIT: The Universal Chi and your personal Chi are ONE in spiritual essence. Where your mind and thoughts go, so there also goes your spirit and chi. If your mind is calm and rooted, your spirit will be calm and rooted, and your Chi will merge with the Universal Chi Force or Light (God) of the Universe. If your mind is confused and agitated, your spirit will be the same, & nothing will change. Relax, allow the flow.

BEING CENTERED: Being spiritually aware comes from cultivating relaxation, emotional calmness and mentally concentrated in the Spiritual world of the now moment. A centered person is unpredictable, but stable. He or she is always considerate of others, and calm in all situations. Her word is his bond. He speaks the truth, always!

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