The Genesis of Christianity

by Robert Lewanski

Roman Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD, created his new Romanism Religion, out of the ancient teachings of Egypt, Hindoo religion, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Taoist, Zen, Druids, Shamans, Babylon and Zoroastorism.   Christianity, Judiasm and Islam are the world’s three biggest cults, based on other religions.  Nothing comes from Rome itself, it was all made up from former Sun Gods of India, ie, Krishna Consciousness turned into Christ Consciousness.   Mythraism–worship of the Sun, turned into Christianity (Krishanity), and worshship of the Sun of Righteousness Jesus.   Jesus was again borrowed from the Druids, who worshipped the Sun as Hesus.   The Jews (there were no Jews at that time–the hebrews were  called Yews because the letter “Y” was not used in the language at that time.  They were call Yews, from the YEW trees that grew in the area where they lived.   The “Y” Yew, turned into “J” Jew in the 12 or 13 century.    The so called Yews borrowed their cult religion ideas from Babylon, Egypt, Zororasterism, Persia, Buddhism (the Kabala comes from the teachings of Buddhism), and Shamansm and Gnostisism.    The same goes for Islam–all borrowed symbols and gods for older, more ancient religions.  The Meditarrean area was a high traffic area from all cultures of the east and mid-east.  So, the Buddhists monks, Shaman Priests, Zen Monks, Tibetan Monks, Hindu Yogis traveled to the mid-east countries, and spread their religious ideas to the local people.. And there were many religions and spiritual ideas coming thru Rome, with much confusion and disunity.  So, Constantine, invited all the priests and religious leaders in the empire to come to Nicea, in Constantantople in 325 AD for a conclave, and he decided once and for all to start a New religion, in an attempt to unite the Holy Roman Empire under one banner of the Cross, which was, by the way,  Celtic Cross from the Druids of ancient Erie or Ireland.   The whole lot of these religions are scams, lifted from previous cultural religions of Egypt and Babylon and the Eastern religions of China and India.  In fact, the Bible contains verses, almost word for word, taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.   The so called “life of their mythical savior” was taken from the Life and Teachings of Apollonius of Tyana, who actually taught real spiritual teachings, and was chased and imprisoned by Emperor Vaspasian, in which he escaped the prison and disappeared from Rome.   Many high ranking officials of Rome built statues and temples to Apollonius, which still stand today.   Apollonius wrote the John Gospels, and he was Paul in the Bible.  A-pol-lonius  was called Pol, which turned into Paul.  Who was Paul?  The Bible gives us no clue to who Paul was or where he came from, or what his last name was.  He was Apollonius, who walked and roamed around the Mediterraen country, and he also traveled to Tibet, and studied with the Brahmans, Buddhists and Zen Masters.   Many parts of the Bible are lifted straight from the Zen and Buddhists texts.  Revelation reveals the 7 lamps, the 7 lights, the 7 candles, which refer to the 7 chakras of Hindu and Buddhist and Taoist spiritual teachings.   The body Chakras are spiritual centers of energy or Chi, going up the spine, from the lower sacral chakra or energy center,  to the abdominal chakra, solar plexes chakra, the heart chakra, the third eye chakra (pineal gland) and the highest chakra in the body, above the head (the 1,000 petal lotus).  When the kundalini serpent moves from the base sexual chakra to the highest chakra above the head, the initiate or student of meditation, experiences each chakra opening up and becomes “revealed” to him or her.  When the chakra opens up, it causes tremendous turbulence and force, wind rushing, thunder, movement in the spine and brain–in which they undergo a “revelation” and vision, or breakthrough within each chakra.  Revelation is not an external final Apocalypse on earth, but a personal Apocalypse or revelation of the spiritual meditator or aspirant, of the trials and tribulations he or she has to face, as each chakra opens up.   This is essentially what Apollonius taught, and what the Roman did not want to hear.  They did not want a spiritual rebel teacher that could  free humanity from the slavery of Rome and the new Roman Church which was to follow.   Religions do not want you to know that you have the same creative power within you, as Creation itself, because you are the physical manifestation of the Spiritual Transformational Process of Creation.   God is just a word for the Transformation of Continual Creation.  The Bible itself says, “God has no beginning and no ending.”   So,”God,” the Creative Force, is limitless and not subject to time and space, but intimately involved in time and space and bodies.   These ancient spiritual teachings  were taken from far more ancient spiritual Eastern spiritual teachings, and forged from the 750,000 manuscripts and scrolls in the Alexandrian Library.  The scrolls were taken to the Vatican by the Roman Army, and the library was razed to the ground.  At the end of Rome and her armies, the Emperors simply changed or morphed from the Caesar and Senate, to the Pope and Cardinals and Bishops and silly priests, to continue the false story of their new made up savior “jesus,” and the continuance of the “Holy Roman Inquisition,” in which 50 million or more human beings were slaughtered, beheaded or burned to a crisp, in the name of their false god and made-up savior “jesus christ,” which came from Hesus(sungod) and Krishna(Christ) from India.  “Jesus” the Golden Sexual Spinal Fluid is within each of us, and it is up to each one of us to reach our own “salvation” through the Kundalini Rising to our Heavenly Pineal Gland or Third Eye.   And, yes, the Bible does mention the “pineal” gland and the third eye being single, and you shall see the light and merge with Creation.    Unless you know the Esoteric Spiritual Keys to what is written in the bible, you will, no doubt, take everything you read there, literally or out of context.   You are the story of the Bible–the human being is the “Prodigal Son and Daughter” of the most High God within you–it is your journey back to your spiritual home in the Spiritual Realm, which is all around you and in you right now–you just need the Golden Keys of Wisdom to open the door and walk through.

All offshoots of the Roman Catholic Church, such as, Baptists, Protestant, Calvinism, Jehova Witnesses, Evangelicals, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and all Christian or Krisha-tian churches, gatherings, or anybody reading the Bible exoterically, or literally, are all bound to the Romanism Church of Constantine, where the fantasy stories and myths were made up and forged from the Cosmic Spiritual Science of the Ancient Masters.   It was this murderous character, (who killed his wife and relatives), and his priests who interpolated, forged and copied the Ancient Spiritual Teachings of all previous Religions, from 325 AD, all the way to the 16th or 17th Century, when the King James Bible was mass produced for the unsuspecting Sheople masses.  The Bible is purely an esoteric, allegorical, symbolic teachings of our spiritual journey from birth to death, and the spiritual kundalini energy that rises up the spine (Jacob’s Ladder) within the spine and body, and crosses over in the forehead at the “cross,” where Jesus (pure spinal fluid or Colostrum  is “Crucified” within the Pineal Gland, and you reach oneness with Creation or the Heavenly Realms.   At this stage, you have no use for childish bible stories–you are now One with Creation or Source, or the Force that brought your spiritual self here on earth.   In reality, “Jesus” Golden Spiritual Sexual Spinal Fluid is always with you from birth to death.   It is up to you to resurrect your own “Jesus” fluid, to open your Spiritual Pineal Gland, so that your “single eye” will see the Whole of Creation in the “twinkling of an eye.”     And you will be “reborn” into the Kingdom of Heaven when your body dies.  That is the real meaning of the “born again church doctrine.”  You are born twice, once at birth, and you are reborn into the spiritual world when your body drops off.

“Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.  You are born at birth thru the water of your mother, and born again into Spirit again, at the end of your body.   Baptism or sprinkling water, or dunking someone into a lake or pool of water is a meaningless ritual, and does nothing to awaken the spirit within you.   You will only get a good washing of your body.   It does nothing for your soul and spirit.

If you want to know the whole truth of the origins of Christianity, read THE GENESIS OF CHRISTIANITY by Professor Hilton Hotema, available on amazon.   This teaching will clear your head, and unmask the real truth of where you and Christianity came from.

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