Real Magic is the Spirituality Within You

Real magic or true spirituality is not conjuring up “aliens” or demonstrating something unusual, except for your own magical existence, and exuding loving, kind energy to the world around you–that is magical.  It is a life lived in good health and awareness and well-being. It is also dealing with your own shadows and dark sides.    Remember, this is just an Introduction course on a magical life.   Much more to learn from his books and other books by other teachers, Masters from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoist, Vedanta, Non-duality teachings of Maharaj Nisaragatta and Ramesh Balsakar–all this is Magical Living, and going beyond the body/mind traps of negativity.  Chinese Taoist Master Hua Ching Ni wrote WORKBOOK FOR THE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT OF ALL PEOPLE, which incorporates pure spiritual philosophy, a list of INVOCATIONS, PRACTICES, REQUESTS, MICRO-COSMIC ORBIT MEDITATION, how to deal with negative emotional people.  How to become emotionally stable and mature yourself, and much more.  In a sense, this is the practice of Magical or Spiritual Living in the Now or Present moment, and tune yourself into the Tao Source or God.  Great Taoist “Magic” in this book.   Words merely point the way to the Way of Tao or Source.  Live the words, and you are now in the world of Magic of Tao or Source or the Absolute.  Yes, this is a serious discipline, and you have to do your own daily work on yourself for your highest good, the good of others, and the good of the Universe, because you are the Universe.  You can be Aware of Source thru your Consciousness.  Study everything, and learn from everyone.   Just remember, you and everyone you see is from the Source, and ARE the Source Manifested on earth, in a body.  Who is God, but the Source within you!   The Bible even says it very clear and concise.   “Low here, low there, where is the kingdom of heaven–The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you.”   That means that the source of all existence is within you, and flowing through you at all times.

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