Rebuild Your Health with Correct Foods That Match Your Personal Internal Body Type Energy

The Most Comprehensive Nutritional Body Typing, Health, Nutrition & Energy Analysis System Ever Developed—The Ancient Chinese Taoist Four Pillars Five Element Personal Energy & Health Analysis Body Typing System & The Ayurvedic Nutritional Body Typing System.

Within you is your own unique genetic code that unlocks the secrets to, & matches your individual body type.  Unlock this secret code, & you discover your key to perfect health.”

I Teach You to Eat Right for Your Individual Body Type System

Stop the guesswork of what you should eat to make you zoom, using the breakthrough science of Individualized Body Typing Testing.  Get a  genetically-correct, metabolically-balanced diet, herbs & supplement program specifically designed to maximize your energy, fat loss, health & well being. Comprehend & grasp the cause of your illness & guard your health & immune system through specific diet, herbs, exercises and mind habits.


The Most Precise System for Analyzing Your Body Type

This Oriental Nutritional Energy Analysis System Balances Your Health & Five Organs for a Lifetime

  • Glandular Body Typing and Profiling. 
  • Ayurvedic Body Typing Medicine & evaluation of the 3 main body humors:  Vata(Air), Pitta(Fire), & Kapha(Water).   
  • Chinese 4 Pillars, 5 Element Constitutional Body Typing System.  
  • Oriental Diagnosis of sign and symptoms of health and disease   
  • In-depth Body Typing Evaluation Form



Discover Your Healing Health Medicine Within

Discover how the correct foods for your individual system can heal you, & how the incorrect foods can make you ill.  Eating a “healthy well-balanced diet” without knowing your specific Body Type & glandular system can lead to poor health, fatigue & ill health symptoms.  Are you feeding your illness & symptoms or are you strengthening your health, energy & life?  Your healing medicine within gently guides you on the road to good health & well-being.  Without good health, high energy & vitality, everything else you do in life seems meaningless.  Take action today!  Send for your Personal Evaluation, & I’ll help you attain your health goals.


Your Personal Body Typing/Testing/Profiling Consultation:

  •   Stop PMS, cramps, prostate problems, diabetes safely & easily
  •   Restore digestive fire and stop bloating, indigestion and poor food absorption
  •   Lower cholesterol easily and safely, by eating these whole foods & supplements
  •   Lower blood pressure & hypertension naturally, without toxic drugs
  •   Lose weight safely, without cravings and swinging like a yoyo with your weight
  •   Overcome fatigue, anxiety, moods, sugar cravings, yeast or candida infections
  •   Blood building & foods the detox and cleanse your organs, liver and colon
  •   How the 5 Element food tastes, seasons affect, your mind, health & emotions.


In this remarkable Eat Right for Your Individual Body Type System™, you’ll discover why some foods are healing medicine for you, creating good health & energy, & why other foods are a poison for you, creating weakness & disease.  Find out why some foods are good for you, but detrimental to someone else?  How would you like to solve this diet-riddle once and for all?


Can you have a lifetime of perfect health?  Is there such a thing as diet freedom.  The answer is a positive YES!  If you are sincerely interested in discovering the real solutions & secrets of internal health & healing, preventing pain, suffering & illness, & regain your health, than you are in for a pleasant surprise.  We all have distinct needs.  No two body chemistries, energies, emotions, strengths, weaknesses A food requirements are alike.  Our bodies are unique, so no single nutrition program works for all!


The Perfect Diet for You!

“You wouldn’t downhill ski blindfolded & with your hands tied behind your back, would you?—so why are you doing it with your diet, which is supposed to sustain your life with good health & energy?” 


I’ll show you how to take the “DIE” out of  “DIE-T”

A health profile is conducted.  You are guided to the correct foods, herbs, supplements & exercises that match your individual body type system.  Your glandular system is evaluated to determine food sensitivities.  Weak & strong organs are found.  Health problems & energy leaks are evaluated accurately.


With over 35 years of research, constant study & practice in the holistic health field—nutrition, herbs, exercise, chi kung, massage, oriental diagnosis, I can help you to regain your health, prevent disease & lose or gain weight back to normal.  Discover why everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.  This is the most important health secret you will ever discover about yourself! 



Individualized Nutritional

Body Type Diet Energy Analysis Charts

Based on Five Element Four Pillars I-Ching Chinese Medicine &  India’s Ayurvedic Health Wisdom

The Chinese Four Pillars, Five Element Birth Chart Analysis

This Oriental Four Pillars Birth Chart is based on the energies that came into your body at birth, & formed your Physical Constitution from Heavenly Energies and Earthly Energies.


How soon can you see a difference in your  health.  Many people feel and see the benefits to their physical, mental and emotional health in one week.  Others’ take a little longer.  When you feel a change for the better, you’ll see h ow imperative it is for you to eat in harmony with your own Personal Body Type Character.  You were born with your Specific Body Character, and it stays with you for a lifetime.  You can keep it in good balance, or not—it is up to you.  One complete Body Type Analysis is all you need to find out the healing foods you need to eat that will always balance your system and give you unlimited health and well-being.  For a one-time, lifetime fee of $499.00,  you’ll have unlimited coaching, consulting and advice for as long as you need it to attain good health and energy balance.


In your analysis of yourself, include: health problems, complaints, symptoms, body weight, height, how long you’ve had the problem, health habits, exercise routine or lack of one, vitamin/mineral/herbs supplements you are currently taking, how much liquids/water you are taking in daily, where you may be carrying weight, i.e., upper, middle or lower body. Sleep habits, insomnia. Fatigue syndromes. Candida yeast infections, bad menstrual cramps…etc.. You get the idea!  I will also send you through email attachment, an Ayurvedic Body Typing Evaluation Form to find out what single or dual Ayurvedic Body Type you are.



You will have access to the most powerful healing formulas in the world.  These special Systemic Healing Formulas are available through Certified Health Practitioners.  These bio-energetic herbal tissue, gland and hormone healing RNA/DNA formulas were developed by the genius Master Herbalist/Nutritional Scientist, Dr. Stu Wheelwright, which is now carried on by his son Stu Wheelwright Jr, and passed on through the writings of Dr. Jack Tips at, who wrote about Dr. Wheelwright in “The Pro-Vita! Plan,” “Your Liver, Your Lifeline,” “New Dimensions in Herbal Healing,”  “The Weight is Over,” “Conquer Candida,” “Greater Energy,” and others.  These Formulas are listed as “Bio-Command Formulas:” (Increases restorative action, enhanced assimilation, tissue receptivity and directs the combined herbal matrix toward specific cellular functions or commands).  “Bio-Funiton Formulas:” (Nutritivet and therapeutic herbal combinations ‘tuned” to specific tissue bio-energetic resonance matrix to support specific organs, body systems, biochemically and bio-energetically to optimize function and performance to restore body to good health).  “Bio-Nutriment Formulas:” (Bio-available vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acids, friendly flora to maintain health, e.g. herbal chelators for B-Vitamins, multi-bio-nutrients for optimum assimilation that take these formulas to a higher level of restoring health and vitality).  “Bio-Extract Formulas:” (Special formulated oils and liquids that help heal external conditions and internal immune challenges).  “Concentrated Extract Formulas:” (Liquid extracts which are rapidly assimilated for quick results and health benefits).  “Bio-Pathic Formulas:” (Homeopathic remedies to support the body’s subtle energies).  “Bio-Challenge Formulas:” (Formulas for nutrition for rebuilding, restructuring, environmental pollution, pathogens). “Bio-Basic Formulas:” (Nutritional support for internal bio-terrain, e.g., ACCELL for healing triad (Digestion, Intestines, Liver), and ENZEE formula with special bio-enzymes to clean the extra-cellular matrix).“Dragon-Rising Five-Element Formulas:” (Constitutional formulas from Japan, China, South America, Indian Ayurvedic Herbs, combined with Western herbal nutrition to support body, mind and spirit healing).  (Herbal formulas are available, and are additional  to the basic lifetime consultation fee).  Systemic Herbal Formulas will be recommended according to your constitution, health challenges, symptoms and needs, and they are rotated within these formulas to bring about complete health, healing and well-being.


 Lifetime, One-Time Life-Time Consultation Fee:  $499

For more information on Workshops, Seminars & Private Training for Perfect Eyesight Improvement, Chi Kung Yoga Energy Exercises, Chi Kung Tai Yoga Barefoot Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage, Nutrition & Health Life Coaching;  plus, Herbal Therapy, Whole Food Supplements, Whole Food Recipes & Food Prep Classes.

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Body Type Chart Through the E-Mail
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Robert Lewanski

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