by R. T. Lewis

You eat a ton of meat, and you’ll end up like Mr Atkins diet man. No problem with meat, but meat heads think they can eat lots of it, and stay healthy. Impossible!. Red meat can cause cancer if you eat way too much meat protein at every meal. 4 to 6oz of red meat a day is all your body can handle per day. And you need to eat lots of alkaline vegetables, steamed and raw, to buffer the high acids of meat, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey and other high acid animal foods. The animal protein is not the problem, when eaten in moderation–it’s the high amount of high acid animal foods that are high in acids, and low in fiber. So, if you eat a 4 or 6 oz steak or chicken, make sure you eat a big salad and steamed green veggies with it, no problem–you will stay in chemical balance. The problem with extreme meat diets and extreme raw food diets, is that they can both crate EXTREME acidity or alkalinine in the body. Plus, everyone has different needs and dietary requirementss, such as, Fire(Pitta), Water/Earth(Kapha), and AirVata/ether body types, as taught in Ayyrvedic Medicine from India for over 5,000 years. If you don’t know Nutritional Body Typing, get this excellent book by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD, Neurosurgeon, born in India, and moved to CAlifornia as a young child. She got extremely sick, chronic headaches, bloating, GI Gut issues, while practicing clinical medicine, and went back to India to see her mother for help. Mom recommended her to an Ayurvedic Doctor in town, and in a few weeks, she was healthy, happy and no more headaches. Her book is called THE PRIME, published 2 or 3 years ago. She is on all the talk show circuits and all over you tube–very articulate, perfect english, and very healthy looking–exercises, yoga, meditation, stress reduction techniques. She has a balanced approach to health, healing and longevity–no extremes in any department. And no extreme meat or raw food diets. Health is all based on your individual Body Type Character and how you digest, assimilate and absorb foods.

Now, there is Patrik, a Vegan Strongman,  perhaps, the strongest man in the world, who eats no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, cheese or yogurt, and no one can beat him in 1,100 or 1,200 pounds of weight carried over 20 or 30 feet. And he competes with all heavy meat eaters; he wins most of the Strongman contests he enters. His name is Patrik Baboumian, born in Iran, and moved to the US as a young boy. Put this in you tube: “Patrik Baboumian 555 Kilogram World record.” He is a Vegan, but not a raw food Vegan–he gets his protein from beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, soy, cooked veggies, some fruit, potatoes, yams and more. He said his strength increased when he gave up meat and dairy. Go figure. He is a heavy Kapha (Water/Earth) Ayurvedic Body Type. He is happy, healthy, and very strong. So, you can’t say everyone needs to eat meat or other animal foods to be healthy and strong. You first have to know who are you talking about–Vata(air-thin-Ectomorph Type, Pitta(fire-medium-Mesomorph Type or Kapha(earth/water-Large Endomorph Type, before you recommend meat or no meat diet to them. Most speakers on diet and health do not know about these Body Types, and they just speak in general; and there are no “general” people in the world–everyone has different needs and nutritional requirements, different exercise programs, and different stress levels etc, including different supplement requirements, based on their own individual Body Types, and their blood, urine and hair analysis. Some people need a little more protein, some less, and some people don’t need any animal protein at all, and they stay healthy and live long, such as the Seventh Day Adventists, who have less disease, less cancer, less heart disease and less obesity and diabetes than any other group in the country, and they are all vegetarian. Several Adventist doctors are still practicing medicine in their 90s, and still going strong. By the way, Atkins dropped dead on a New York Street corner, after eating a big steak in a restaurant, with a heart attack. Health is not about eating more and more meat–it’s about balancing your Individual Body Type, for what you need to stay healthy, strong and happy. And staying in acid/alkaline balance. Be careful of too much meat, or you could become over-acidic, lose your friendly bacteria, and lose your alkaline body reserves. Excessive animal food consumption can easily kill off most of your Gut friendly bacteria. Asparagus and other cruciferious vegetables build up your friendly Gut Bacteria, along with fermented foods, organic plain yogurt, kim chi, sauerkraut, komucha drink, and probiotic capsules. Everything in the body must be in balance, or you can say goodbye to good health.

And yes, all vegetable oils are junk, and I agree with Nina’s assessment of eating real butter, ghee(clarified butter) even better, plus coconut oil and olive oil, and red palm oil from coconut trees is good too. For sure, no one diet fits all people. Just keep that in mind when recommending one diet over another, raw vs cooked, meat vs vegan. No one can tell you what you need–you have to do your own study, research, nutritional blood tests, and reading to figure out your own dietary needs. And your needs will change with the 4 Seasons also; from hot to cold, to damp, to windy, to high humidity to low humidity, to freezing etc.

Another excellent book on Seasonal Eating is “The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended: Lose Weight, Beat Food Cravings, and Get Fit.” Mar 13, 2001  by Dr. John Douillard. This is a brilliant book on balancing your diet according to your Body Type.

Also, get the books by Dr. Aljandro Junger, New York Hospital Director and top Heart surgeon in the country, and watch him on you tube. He books are “Clean,” “Clean Gut,” and “Clean Eats.” He was also clinically depressed, suicidal, Gut issues, bloated, sick and run down. All these health problems while he was treating his heart patients in the hospital. He went to India, and learned the secrets of healing his Gut, and Ayurvedic Body Typing. He healed himself, wrote 3 books, and many articles. Watch him on you tube. He was on the Martha Stewart Show, and other tv talk shows dozens of times over the years. This doctor is brilliant. He has 100,00 people on his social media helping each other, around the world.

Diet, without exercise, meditation, stress reduction techniques, yoga, relaxation, posture training, will not get you good health–the whole program, based on these modalities is the longevity keys you need to stay healthy, fit and live a long and creative life.

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