Flat Earth Plus Bible Allegories

by Doc R.T. Lewis

What you are reading in the bible about the flat earth, was taught thousands of years before the bible was written by corrupt men–Emperor Constantine , and his murdering cohorts.  The bible was put together from far more ancient texts, ie., Egyptian Book of the Dead–parts of bible are lifted directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Hindu Scriptures (the seven seals, seven lamps and other sevens, refer to the SEVEN CHAKRAS OR energy centers in the human body, that go up (Jacob’s Ladder–the Spine), and the Chakras open up, revealing the Spiritual World–this is talking about Revelations or Apocalypse, the opening and beginning of your soul’s spiritual journey to the heavenly (Heave-up to Hea-d) where the pineal Gland sits in the middle of your forehead–third eye.  “Unless your third-eye be single, you will not see the light.   All cultures throughout history have Cosmologies talking about the flat earth, with pictures, maps and books to back it up–India’s Vedic Literature, Persians, Mayans, American Indians, Cauldeans,, Islam religion, Chinese and Tibetan–they all knew the earth was flat.  The bible writers had access to all this literature, and interpolated and interposed all of it in a bible style format

Your Satan comes from Egypt, and was called Set, like Sun-Set or going into darkness, and away from the light of day and sunshine.  So, Set is dark night, and people of that time, feared night as an evil force,; and the next morning, they celebrated the coming of the Sun(son) through the clouds, and dancing or walking on water.  So, the Sun was worshiped as the Savior of Mankind.  The stupid Romanism Church of Constantine, borrowed all these ancient stories, and made it into a “personified savior,” Son, which is nothing but the Sun.

Except for the Flat Earth truth, you are reading too much literally in the Bible.   Satan is not a person, an entity, a fallen angel from “God.”   Satan is merely the dark side of the One Force or Creation;  and Lucifer is the Sun, who brings light into the world.  Satan is the night, and Lucifer is the Daylight.  The bible stories were made up by evil men, to put fear in your heart, to control your mind and soul–and they did a good job on you and all literalist bible believing christians.  You are a slave to the Matrix.   Religion, says Jordan Maxwell, is the biggest psyop or brain washing device used by the vatican jesuits–even bigger than the flat earth; bigger than Scientism, NASA (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPACE ACTORS), bigger than the Space Hoax, bigger than the Fiat Debt Credit corrupt banking system in the world.   You are too much attached to your made up demons and devils, which were made up by the stupid church in the first place.  Demons and devils are in your own mind.   You are taking Angels, Immortal Beings, Arch-Angels and Spiritual Forces that build and control this world, to be Satan and Devils.  You are totally wrong.   If you continue to dwell on “Satan’ as real, you will never learn the truth of Existence and the Spiritual Realm.  You think you are cock-sure, but you are not–you are just speculating and theorizing, what the criminal bible makers want you to believe.   You have too many beliefs;  you believe this, you believe that.  Belief is not real  knowledge or real experience of the Spiritual World.   The instruction in the bible are very clear, if your mind is clear, and not fogged up by Romanism belief systems, that was put into the bible or book to keep you ENSLAVED BY THE MATRIX.   And the bible is a big time Matrix of lies and half-truths.   The bible is an esoteric, occult, symbolical, allegorical text, with the truth of the flat earth thrown in there by the ancient writers.   Unless you have the Secret Keys to decipher the bible text, you will continue to stay in the dark as to the real meaning of all the parables, allegorical and symbolic stories written there.   Unless your third eye be single, you will not see the truth of anything; and not see the light within your own self.

Read THE GENESIS OF CHRISTIANITY by Prof. Hilton Hotema, from amazon books, and you will see the truth, and it will really set you free.   Right now, you have too much fear, and not enough Love for your own soul and Creation.   Creation is nothing more than a transformational creative process.   Who is “God.”?   The bible itself tells us–“God is a burning bush.”   God is the Fire of Cosmic Creation.  Bible says “God has no beginning and no ending.”    You are “God” —  the transforming fire process, manifested on earth as a human body, with a Soul and Spirit, to know and have knowledge of the journey of your soul through all eternity.   Your soul is immortal–you are not born and you cannot die.   The body dies and drops in a casket, but your real soul-self is immortal and lives on in eternity with the Creative Transforming Process of Creation.   You cannot die, and there is no salvation, and no one to save you.; and no one can save you–you are already “saved” because your soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed or saved.  It is!  And You ARE!   You are “what?”   You are divinity encapsulated in a human flesh form.   Who are you, anyway, to be save, and for what purpose?  You cannot be lost, so you cannot be “saved.”   By who?   YOu are part of the Creative Process of Divine Intelligence; you are eternal, with or without a body.   The body is just a vehicle for your Soul, to learn lessons through the body.  When you learn the lessons of your Soul, you no longer need the body.

By the way, Heaven means Heave-d up to the Hea-d.   Heaven and Head come from the same word source.  Heaved up to what?   Heaved up to your Pineal Gland, which real soul knowledge and wisdom of Creation are known.   Bible talks about the Pineal Gland.  There is heavenly realms above the fermament, and there is Hea-d Heave-up to Heaven in our Head–the Heavenly place is the Pineal Gland in the forehead–the third eye, where heaven dwells within you.   The bible is very confusing and convoluted, unless you understand the true hidden meanings of the writers, who wrote the bible allegories, symbolic stories, mysteries of the inner soul.   To understand the bible truly, you need to read other reliable sources that explain the meaning of the “dark sayings” of the bible.   “Dark sayings” is in the bible too–they tell you directly, that they are writing in allegory, symbolic language–that is what “dark sayings” mean.   The stories represent, symbolically, the inner workings of the spiritual human body, in its quest of spiritual truth on earth and in the Heavenly Realms.  You are reading, mostly stories, that represent higher meanings in spiritual allegory.

Go to you tube and watch Bill Donahue’s teachings of the real meanings within the bible.

You think you know everything–you don’t.   How to learn?   Stay humble and have humility, for no man knows the real truth. The more you talk, like you “know the truth”, the less truth you really have.   There are more things in heaven and earth, than all your philosophies and bibles, talmuds and korans.

If you believe everything you hear, it’s like eating everything you see.  Go deeper to find the truth about your existence and spiritual evolution.   You are a young boy, inexperienced and naive, and a beginner in spiritual knowledge.   You are not reading the real meanings of anything literally, as a story, written in the bible.   For example, the Prodigal Son story is not from Rome, or the bible interpolaters and forgers and copiers—the Prodigal Son is a very old story from Arabia, taken and changed to fit the false bible narrative.   The Prodigal Son is about me and you and all humans on earth, regardless of religious indoctrination and dogmas–a story about the soul’s journey back to the Heavenly Realms, from whence it came.   The soul comes to the body at birth, passes away, and returns to its natural home in the spiritual realm.

INTERPOLATORS OR INTERPOLATION – DICTIONARY DEFINITION:  To introduce (something additional or extraneous) between other things or parts; interject; interpose; intercalate.

To alter (a text) by the insertion of new matter, especially deceptively or without authorization.

This is what you have in all dogmatic religious texts–bible, koran, torah–material taken from older, more ancient spiritual teachings, and reworded, interposed deceptively or without authorization.  And, made to have or express a new meaning, far away from the original.

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