Detox Smoothie to Heal Your GI Tract and Digestion

by Robert Lewanski, Certified Ayurvedic Consultant

You won’t healing your digestive system by taking antibiotics, drugs or vaccines.  Throw that toxic out in the garbage can if you want to keep your health and sanity.  Antibiotics will devastate your entire digestive system and kill off all your friendly gut bacteria.  Your health will decline rapidly by taking this gut destroying drug.


If you have a digestive imbalance, do this:  Fast on pure distilled water and lemon juice.  TAKE capsules of Echinacea and golden seal, dandelion root and eat dandelion greens to detox stomach and liver.


TAKE 100 billion probiotic capsule– 1 morning and one before bed.


Fast or eat very light.  Eat steamed veggies of all kinds like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, leaf lettuce(raw), Brussels sprouts, yams, peas, etc.  Stop all breads, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, cheese until you get better.


Also drink this smoothie daily:

2 granny Smith apples

2 sticks organic celery

1 whole lemon peeled with white bioflavs

1/2 large beet, or one whole small beet, cut up

1 small organic cuke

2 T raw pumpkin seeds

3 kale leaves organic

1 inch square ginger root fresh

(Ginger heals gut)


Blend until smooth and spoon down or sip drink from cup.


Stay on this until your real hunger comes back.


The mouth, tongue and esophagus is the upper part of the GI track.  Clean up GI TRACT and your tongue coating clears to a pink color, your mouth waters, and you have a sensation of hunger in your throat–not grumbling in your stomach.   You body heals itself automatically when you are in harmony with your body and mind, applying good healing health habits.    BODY is one whole unit.  What affects the Gut affects the throat and whole body.  Ayurvedic Medicine from India, has taught this for the past 5,000 years– “THERE IS NO DISEASE OR SICKNESS WITHOUT FIRST GASTROINTESTIONAL DERANGEMENT”.


The GI TRACT is your lifeline to your immunity and good health.  Antibiotics = anti life(bio),  will destroy your health, digestion and well being in a New York Minute–you can count on that!


Read ALL articles on GREENMEDINFO.COM about how antibiotic drugs destroy your health and life.


So called “doctors, drugs and hospitals” destroy your health, NOT heal you.  Doctors and not guns, are the leading cause of Death in the world!!!!!!!


You can heal yourself– just be patient; and fast or take the smoothie or steamed veggies, rest, and your body will heal itself on its own.  Doctors and drugs only interfere with the body to heal itself.

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