5 Elements Organ Healing System: Liver Wood Element

Organ:  Liver/Gall Bladder/Wood Element
Season:  Spring.   Color:  Green.  Reflex to:  Eyes
 Liver Function:  Stores/Purifies Blood
Body Correspondence:  Tendons
Taste:  Sour
Healing Sound: sshh
Negative Emotion:  Anger.       Positive Emotion:  Kindness


How is your liver?  Or, how are you treating your liver lately?  If we take care of our liver properly, it can keep us disease-free, healthy and calm for a lifetime. The liver is our lifesaver, our protector from environmental pollution, chemicals; junk food, fats & sugars in our diet.


In the Five-Element Creation Cycle, the Kidney Water Element flows into the growing phase of Wood. The Liver-Wood Element helps us organize, see our visions clearly & gives us aspiration. It is the great “image giver” to our projects, infusing them with growth, ideas, energy; the liver, like trees & plants that shoot up in Spring-time, help us plan & make our ventures grow.

Springtime is the season of rising earth energy.  The Liver is the “Commander” of internal organic decisions; it gives us direction and creates flowing harmony among our chi forces “according to plan.” It is the decisive authority among the 12 organs.
While the Liver gives us direction, its paired yang partner, the Gall Bladder is the decision-maker–its nature is courage. It takes the drive from the Kidney-Water Element & imparts decisive action & initiative.  In “Shiatsu” by Jarmey & Mojay, “A person who pushes themselves too hard will put particular strain on their Gall Bladder,” & possibly damage it beyond repair. The Gall Bladder stores and excretes bile for digestion. The Liver & Gall Bladder work together closely to govern internal Chi harmony & health.

Liver, Anger and Chi Flow

The Liver-Wood Element makes our Chi flow smoothly, relaxing body and mind. A congested stagnant liver causes anger & physical tension, frustration, depression or resentment. Repressed emotions increase fire in the Liver, body & mind.  Gastro-intestinal and digestive problems, i.e., nausea, bloating, gas, gastric pain, can be attributed to improper liver function.  Wood-Liver Element flows into the Earth-Stomach Element, so we can see the importance of keeping our liver clean with lots of greens, & avoiding excess fats, oils, fried foods, sweets, cookies, yeasted breads, crackers etc.


Liver, Digestion and Blood-Building

The proper function of Stomach-Energy is downward; when Liver-Chi is faulty, energy goes up, i.e., heartburn, belching, vomiting, flushed red face.  A congested liver blocks bile flow, which impedes fat digestion & causes jaundice, tight chest, constipation, wiry pulse, purple tongue, rigid movements, stiffness & lump in throat.

The liver controls circulatory blood. At rest the blood is stored in the liver.  Activity & exercise circulate blood, which gives us nourishment and energy. A weak liver cannot store blood properly. Iron blood deficiency can result, showing signs of fatigue, dizziness, dry skin, brittle nails, vision spots, pale tongue, & weak irregular pulse.

The liver regulates our tendons, ligaments & muscles. A healthy liver imparts smooth joint & muscle movement. Weak liver causes stiff joints, limbs, tremors, neurological disorders, cracked, dry & brittle nails. The liver nourishes the eyes & a deficient liver may cause dry gritty eyes, impaired vision, spots & burning eyes. Liver stagnation can cause congestion in the Stomach, Spleen, Heart & Large Intestines.

Many Yoga & Chi Kung stretching techniques help to open the Gall Bladder Chi, especially side-bending & twisting movements.

Liver and the Female Cycle

Since the Liver stores blood, it effects the female gynecological system for good or bad. Deficient Liver-Blood can cause amenorrhoea (no periods).  Excess Liver-Heat can make the blood too hot causing menorrhagia (excess blood) & metrorrhagia (blood between periods).  A stagnant hot Liver is a contributing cause of PMS, pain & dark menstrual blood clots. Excess Liver-Fire manifests as a red face, red eyes, bitter taste, constipation, rapid-full pulse & a yellow-coated red tongue. To overcome these conditions, avoid fatty foods, meats, sweets, high protein foods.  Include more steamed and raw green vegetables in your daily diet.  Herbs to reduce liver toxicity:  Dandelion leaf, raspberry, yucca(liquid extract, barberry, cascara sagrada, tumeric, black cohosh, chrysanthemum and milk thistle.

The Soul in the Liver

The Taoists’ say the Ethereal Soul is housed in the Liver, & it survives in the Spiritual world when the body dies. A healthy Liver makes us “visionary” & opens into the eyes. A diseased jaundiced Liver loses touch with reality; we meander inanely through life, without  purpose or creative vision.  Our work or projects have no soul;  we can’t live in the present;  we become depressed and angry at the world; we have a “jaundiced view of life.”  To overcome this Liver-stagnation, we need to harmonize it with a whole-food diet program, including lots of greens, grains, herbs & supplements.  When Liver-Energy is smooth, we can exhibit the spiritual virtue of kindness, generosity, tolerance and forgiveness, which helps us to forget our anger toward others.


Liver Characteristics: 

The Liver is connected to Gall Bladder, Springtime, Wood element, Sour taste, Green color. Negative emotions of the liver are:  anger, aggression. Positive emotions of the liver are:  kindness, self-expansion, soul-development, identity.


Liver Healing Sound:  SSSHHHHHH.

Step l: Sit straight in a chair. Meditate on Liver-Eye relationship

Step 2: Arms at sides, palms out. Breathe in deeply & slowly raise arms over head, while following arms with eyes.

Step 3: Interlock fingers & turn palms up. Press up with palms & experience stretch in arms & shoulders. Bend slightly to left, pulling on liver.

Step 4:  Exhale the sound SSSHHHHHH quietly. Visualize the color green cooling off anger & heat while exhaling.

Step 5: After exhaling totally, unlock fingers & push out palms to sides while slowly breathing kindness and the color green into the Liver.  Slowly bring arms to side, rest hand on lap, palms up, & rest.

Step 6: Close eyes and visualize “smiling energy” going into the Liver, while mentally saying the healing sound SSSHHHHH. Feel

energy going to heal your liver.

Feel generosity, forgiveness and tolerance for yourself & others.  Practice this Liver Healing Sound 5-10 times morning or night.  If there is much anger, practice it 30 times, twice daily.


Is it Good to

Express Anger?

It’s “in” now to express anger, let it out, don’t hold it in. Chinese doctors disagree. Anger actually damages the Liver. How to deal with anger. Take the mind off of anger. Express feelings and emotions calmly, directly & immediately. Holding feelings “in” (Yin) causes an “out” (Yang) explosion later on. Extreme outward expression of Anger weakens Liver function, leaving one fatigued, lost & physically exhausted for days afterwards.  Gary Butt & Frena Bloomfield, in “Harmony Rules,” states, “far from discharging anger by expressing it, people who habitually confronted others in an angry way felt more and more angry and created responding anger around them.  “Chinese medicine [says] that anger [and shouting] hurts the liver, which in turn creates more anger. People who habitually feel anger suffer liver diseases & disturbances of the liver, as well as pains in the ribs, muscular cramps, red eyes, hypertension & abnormal menstrual cramps.

Your liver can actually save your life and give you direction & purpose.  The liver can regenerate itself, even if half of it is gone.  We can improve health and rebuild the liver through  this liver cleansing program, in addition to the proper diet for your body type, meditation, exercise, yoga and outdoor activity. A healthy liver will keep you calm & tranquil inspite of chaos in the world. It’s up to you. “How is your liver.” It is as good as you treat it. May your liver give you peace & harmony.  And remember the secret sound–SSSHHHHHHH, quietly.


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